Course Description

This is a powerful journey into the self.

 Unlike many coaches who merely teach concepts, my process goes beyond the intellectual into the embodied experience, leading to real, actual change in your life. I help you go directly to the issue's source, and address it at its core.

I address an issue on all levels of a person, not just one or two. As an example: if you go to a therapist you will address an issue on the mental and psychological levels. This is great, and produces results in a certain amount of time, with work. However you are more than a mental and psychological being, right? You also have a physical body, emotions, energy, and a spiritual level. When I work with a client I work on an issue on all the levels at once, so that they experience results in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

The Art of Authenticity is a 12-week intensive ONLINE coaching program. You will keep lifetime access to this powerful material. My recommendation is to pair this course with the occasional one on one session which you can sign up for via my website:

Individual sessions are not included in this program, and not necessary to get results. But they will accelerate and ensure mastery of this material.

Over the next 12 weeks, you will learn the exact strategies that I’ve used to create major transformations in my life and in the lives of a lot of other people. It is engineered to ensure faster transformation and a streamlined experience for you.

In this powerful program, we really focus step by step on mastering yourself, so that by the end you not only know exactly why you’ve felt unable to be fully yourself and specifically what you need to do to change that, but you really have the power and tools to operate comfortably and confidently in every area of your life.

Relationship & Self Mastery Coach

Dominey Drew

Welcome!! Dominey is so excited to work with you! Dominey is the premiere in personal and relationship coaching.  Her direct, intuitive approach is unlike anything else in the industry - she solves in mere minutes issues that people have struggled with for decades. She's been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and ThriveGlobal for her work, and loves nothing more than facilitating powerful transformation for her clients. Over her 18 years of experience and research in this field, Dominey has discovered a powerful, proven process to eradicate negative patterns in a matter of weeks. By using it herself she has transformed more completely then even she ever thought possible. Everything from her mindset, negative self-talk (completely gone), happiness level (from a 3 to a 10), physical body shape (weight loss), self-confidence and success of both relationships and business was wildly transformed.  Most people spend their lives struggling unnecessarily, never realizing that their struggle is self-created, or how to stop it.  They are frustrated, lonely, unable to move past the glass ceiling that’s holding them back. When in reality, one simple inner shift can shatter it and launch them forward into effortless success. So after using this process herself to overcome the most profound insecurities and self-sabotaging habits, there is no problem Dominey isn’t equipped to solve. 
 Today, this is her passion and her life’s work. Welcome, to the next step of your evolution. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pre-Course Assessment

    • Initial Self-Assessment

    • Exercise: Where Am I Now

  • 2


    • WELCOME!

    • Resources List

  • 3

    Chapter 1: Origins

    • How to Succeed in this Program

    • Introduction to Dominey

    • Setting the Foundations

    • Self-Responsibility Pinup

    • Only 3 Things That Matter Pinup

    • Chapter 1 Practices & Resources

    • Instructions for Meditation on Relationship w Self

    • Meditation: Relationship with Yourself

  • 4

    Chapter 2 - Your Relationship with Yourself

    • Your Story

    • Saying "No" to Yourself

    • Chapter 2 Practices & Resources

    • Exercise - Breathing Into Your Body Instructions

    • Exercise: Breathing into your body

    • Exercise - What is my story

  • 5

    Chapter 3 - The Wounding

    • The Wounding Process

    • Images

    • Defenses - A New Perspective

    • Advanced Defenses - Intro to Allowing

    • Chapter 3 Practices & Resources

    • Images Exercise

    • Images About the Self - Examples

  • 6

    Chapter 4 - Control

    • Control

    • Perfectionism

    • The Art of Relinquishing Control

    • An Introduction to Trust

    • Chapter 4 Practices & Resources

    • Exercise: Grounding

    • Exercise: Control and Trust

  • 7

    Chapter 5 - Your Relationship to the Other

    • Your Relationship to the Other

    • Relationship with Others - Part 1

    • Relationship with Others - Part 2

    • Relationship with Others - Part 3

    • The Secret to Successful Relationships

    • Images About the Other

    • Chapter 5 Practices & Resources

    • Exercise: How to Find Your Light

    • Images About the Other - Examples

  • 8

    Chapter 6 - Authentic Relating

    • The Art of Vulnerability

    • Exercise: How to Open

    • Intentionality

    • The Secret to Invincible Happiness

    • Chapter 6 Practices & Resources

    • Radical Transparency is the Only Way Pinup

    • Exercise: Flow

  • 9

    Chapter 7 - Dating and Meeting People

    • How to Begin

    • Exercise: Imagine Your Ideal Partner

    • The Approach

    • The Secret to Radiant Magnetism

    • Chapter 7 Practices & Resources

    • Confidence Booster Toolkit

  • 10

    Chapter 8 - Romantic Relationships

    • Styles of Love

    • Teaching: Boundaries

    • The Art of Saying "No" - Part 1

    • The Art of Saying "No" - Part 2

    • Sex & Intimacy

    • Chapter 8 Practices & Resources

    • Exercise: Grounding

    • Exercise: Sexual Fantasy

    • Images About Sex - Examples

  • 11

    Chapter 9 - Your Relationship to Life

    • Your Relationship to Life

    • Your Relationship to Authority

    • Chapter 9 Practices & Resources

    • Images About Life - Examples

  • 12

    Chapter 10 - Achieving Flow

    • Acceptance - The Art of Letting Go

    • A Reading.

    • Receiving

    • Chapter 10 Practices & Resources

    • Exercise: Consider the Possibility

    • Exercise: Surrender Part 1

    • Exercise: Surrender Part 2

    • Exercise: Active Listening

    • Letting Go Pinup

    • Exercise: Letting Go

  • 13

    Chapter 11 - Passion & Purpose

    • Sadhguru on the Nature of Desire

    • Unraveling the Mystery of Vibration

    • How to Hack Happiness

    • Practice Creation Guide

    • Impact & Influence

    • Motherly Quote

    • Chapter 11 Practices & Resources

    • Exercise: How to Find Your Light / Purpose

    • Exercise: Define Your Vision & Purpose

    • Design Your Dream Life Worksheet

  • 14

    Chapter 12 - ... And Beyond

    • Final Self-Assessment

    • Past, Present, & Future

    • Exercise: Where Am I Now

    • Chapter 12 Practices & Resources

    • Before you go...

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